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Welcome to Speakeazy English Academy, the premier destination for comprehensive language education! As a global leader in English training, our institution, spearheaded by the renowned language expert Masdooq Nizami, boasts a legacy built on excellence and innovation. With an array of meticulously crafted courses, including Spoken English, IELTS, OET, Public Speaking, English Junior, Interview Training, and Accent Training, we cater to diverse language learning needs.

At Speakeazy, our ethos revolves around pioneering methodologies, blending innovative approaches with code-based learning and engaging activities. This unique combination aims to simplify the language learning process, ensuring effectiveness while adding a touch of enjoyment. With a staggering 4 lakh successful students and a consistent influx of over 5,000 plus new learners each month, our impact is felt globally.

Our network of branches spans across the lush landscapes of Kerala, providing convenient access to our comprehensive offline classes. Amidst these vibrant settings, our expert trainers deliver immersive face-to-face sessions, nurturing a deeper understanding of language nuances and fostering an inspiring learning environment. Complementing our offline branches, our dynamic online platform, supported by an advanced mobile app, ensures an equally enriching experience for our global student community. This online ecosystem reflects our commitment to accessibility and flexibility without compromising the quality of education.

Acknowledged by leading Indian media and honoured with multiple awards and recognitions, Speakeazy English Academy stands at the pinnacle of language education, setting benchmarks for excellence and innovation. While our headquarters proudly reside in Dubai, our reach extends far and wide through our branches across Kerala, affirming our commitment to delivering unparalleled language education to diverse learners. Join us at Speakeazy, where language mastery intertwines with personal growth, unlocking boundless opportunities on your transformative learning journey.




At Speakeazy English Academy, we've created a paradigm shift in language education. There's simply no other option quite like Speakeazy. Here are seven compelling reasons why choosing us is the only choice for a transformative language learning experience:

1. Revolutionising Language Learning: Our innovative approach harnesses codes and engaging tasks to make learning English an enjoyable and efficient endeavour. While others adhere to conventional grammar-based methods, we prioritise simplicity and fun.

2. Cutting-Edge Technological Infrastructure: Our sophisticated system and advanced mobile app redefine accessibility, offering seamless access to our curriculum, resources, and interactive sessions.

3. Expertise at Its Finest: Our expert trainers bring a wealth of experience and understanding, ensuring tailored guidance for each student's learning journey.

4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: With a commitment to excellence, we offer a 100% refund if students aren't entirely satisfied with their experience at Speakeazy.

5. Practice-Driven Learning: Our immersive 80% practice and 20% theory approach accelerate learning, building confidence in real-life communication.

6. 17 Years of Excellence: With a legacy spanning 17 years, our dedication to innovation in language education remains steadfast, continually evolving and refining our teaching methodologies.

Speakeazy isn't merely a language institution; it's the pinnacle of language education. When you choose Speakeazy, you're embarking on a transformative journey that surpasses all alternatives, ensuring linguistic fluency and confidence like no other.

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Shifra Salim
1 week ago

Speak Easy Academy uses excellent teaching techniques. Therefore, we can understand and be determined to read and study to succeed. Without this techniques i'm sure, it's not easy to learn English easily. The mentors are very helpful. They are excellent in correcting mistakes, providing motivation, and are superb overall. I am satisfied with everything.

Sujitha Susmith
2 weeks ago

I am Sujitha, a house wife. Speakeasy classes helped me learning more about English language. Every codes and techniques is simple and easy to understand. My trainer supports me well with her patience and encouragement. I am very satisfied with every classes. Thank you madam and Speakeazy for such wonderful classes.

Vasila P
2 weeks ago

Speakeazy English Academy is one of the best spoken English platforms. Daily tasks improve our fluency in English. When I joined this course I was totally confused about how I would speak English, but now I am so happy. This course has influenced me. I have improved my English language and I changed all my mistakes. Thank you Speakeazy.

Sneha Jacob
1 week ago

I'm so thankful to Speakeasy academy for providing us a great platform. I would like to thank each and every mentor especially Sheema mam who guided us to improve our skills. She is a good motivator and friendly person. Also I would suggest my friends to join Speakeasy academy.

Shibin M S
1 week ago

I am genuinely grateful for the guidance and support I have received at Speak Easy English Academy. The structured curriculum, engaging teaching methods, and friendly environment have made my language learning journey enjoyable and effective. I have seen significant progress in my English skills, and I credit this achievement to the dedicated instructors, my personal trainer (Mrs. Najla) and the well-designed language programs. Thank you for providing such a valuable learning experience. I look forward to continuing my language journey with Speak Easy English Academy and would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to improve their English language skills.